The Manawatu Art Expo showcases local and regional talent in a Cash & Carry show format. All of the art on display is for sale and it provides a great opportunity for the public to purchase an original piece from a living New Zealand artist.

The Manawatu Art Expo was held this year in July. View images of the expo

Emilie Geant – Guest Artist 2021

Emilie Geant is a French artist who studied art and illustration in Lyon for 3 years.

After being awarded for her paintings at Les Tremplins De La Creation, she embarked in 2017 on a long journey in New Zealand, filling notebooks with drawings and paintings along the roads of Aotearoa.

Back in France she published 2 illustrated books in French about her experience and own discovery of the Kiwi culture.

Pretty soon, it became clear she couldn’t stay away from this country for long. Thus, in 2012, Emilie moved back to New Zealand. Inspired by her new life she keeps busy working on various publications and always embarking on new artistic projects.

“In France, some buildings have stood for centuries, silently witnessing the world around them. Each imperfection, like a wrinkle, unveils their beauty.  Walk by these old buildings a million times and you will see something new each time.  Come closer and run your fingers over the stones. There is always a new crack, a new tear, a new scar. And beyond these marks, the life stories they hold.

Using ink with dip pen as my main medium, I use rough rendering to impart the nostalgia these French facades exude, adding only a very few touches of watercolor to breathe life into the stones.”